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Turn Your Mid-Day Into A Yay-Day

The antidote to afternoon brain fog and a perfect midday recharge is 2:15pm. Inspired by traditional tea ceremonies, this green tea boost feels like you’re standing under a waterfall as high mountain Oolong tea washes over you, leaving nothing but clarity and floral notes of lychee and Thai basil.

Made with high quality organic green Oolong, a small hint of Brazilian organic Yerba mate mixed with Amazonian cold brewed Guayusa and lychee puree for a surprisingly fresh flavor.

Inspired by
Blue skies
You know, afternoons
20% battery remaining

What’s behind the time?
2:15pm is for the halfway point, a chance to reprise or refocus your day.
This thousand year old tea represents wisdom in its purest form, guiding you to make all the right choices.

To be enjoyed any:time.

Perishable. Keep Refrigerated.