About Us

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, what you do with it is up to you.   At MATE TIME we craft delicious teas inspired by times and traditions that connect to your mind, body and spirit.  To be enjoyed any:time.It started with a simple question:  Would you care for a drink?   While this seemingly common gesture suggests nothing more than polite manners, for us, it served as a moment of inspiration.  The power of beverages has always brought people together. No matter where you go,  or who you meet, connecting with others over a beverage is a universal truth we can all get behind and embrace.The muse for our creation?  The magical Yerba mate leaf. This wonder-plant hails from South America and contains clean (without the coffee bean) caffeine and powerful antioxidants.   Instead of using extracts or powders, our organic mate blend is naturally sourced and home-brewed for the best taste.Crafted with Care. We looked across the globe to the extraordinary tea regions of the world to understand their methods and to connect with the ingredients at the source. Our take is a reimagining of these drinks, with high-quality ingredients found only in nature, ready to reward the curious mind.We believe in the power of hitting the pause button. Setting time aside each day to live in the moment and experience.   Not just the future, or the past, but in the here and now. Just long enough to stay in a vibe.   Canned with love from Portland.